[Ver.2] soon.

أفلام موقع IMDB المفضله لهذا العام .

افتتح اليوم موقع IMDB الشهير قسم Road To Oscars كعادته لكل سنة , و وضع قسم للأفلام المفضله بشدة و التي من المحتمل ان تفوز و تلقب بأفضل فيلم لهذا العام .


القائمة :


No Country for Old Men — The ultimate critical favorite, but is it too gritty for the Academy?
Atonement — Picture-perfect literary adapation, but hampered by some less-than-stellar reviews.
Sweeney Todd — Attend the tale! See the blood! Sing the songs! Win an Oscar? Mmmmaybe…
There Will Be Blood — Ultimate art-house pick, though Anderson’s (and Day-Lewis’) brilliance cannot be denied.
Charlie Wilson’s War — Perfect A-list recipe for Oscar buzz, though we hear it’s good but not great.
The Kite Runner — Another book adaptation, this one designed for topicality and heartstrings-tugging.


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